Massage is still being considered as a luxury item because it is time-consuming and costly. However, lots of business leaders not only do exercise and have healthy dietary but also spend their time for massage periodically. Furthermore, numerous researches on massage effects indicate that their health and productivity is improved. Currently, studies on massage are being conducted continuously and such researches recommend having massage periodically due to five reasons as follows:

  1. Massage can help make creative ideas.

Present day society changes in quick pace and require a great deal of thoughts. Regularly, individuals need to set aside their opportunity to consider arrangements and thoughts for critical thinking. Worldwide IT organizations where inventive thoughts are essential for progress, furnish representatives with massage seat to help encourage worker’s cerebrum movement and numerous administrators invest energy getting rub for another thought.

  1. Massage is effective for pain relief and even strengthening immune system.

First, periodical massage can reduce the pain from lifecycle of modern people.

According to the “Massage: Get in touch with its many benefits” by Mayo Clinic (2015)1), massage has proven to be an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Also one of the papers written by the Massage Therapy Foundation2) found that massage can reduce headache pain intensity significantly, and numerous studies found that massage can reduce anxiety, digestive disorders, sports injuries, joint pain, and fibromyalgia. Modern people sit in front of their desks for long hours which make them suffer from lower back pain. Daniel C. Cherkin, PhD (2011)3) from Group Health Research Institute and University of Washington, assures that massage can reduce the chronic lower back pain effectively on his paper.

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Second, periodical massage can increase the immunity.

Following the research of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)4), massage therapy may boost immune system as massage increases the activity level of the body’s blood white cells that work to combat viruses.According to the article from International Journal of Neuroscience (2010)5), massage therapy is associated with enhancement of the immune system. The article founds that a month of massage significantly increase the number of Natural Killer Cell, which is immune cell that kill virus-infected cell or cancer cell directly.

  1. Massage can help increase your productivity.

Over the last 20 years, researches on brain power improvement and productivity were conducted. According to the research conducted by Touch Research Institute (1996)6), massage therapy reduces anxiety and enhances alertness; which results lower level of job stress. In this regards, more and more companies are offering massage to employees. According to a survey cited in an article of Forbes by Raquel Baldelomar (2016) 7), 11% of companies provide employees with massage and 3% are preparing to offer massage for their employees.

  1. Massage can help you sleep better.

Researches8) on health have found that a 10-minute massage every day is ideal for a good sleep. People who get regular massage can sleep deeper and longer. Deep sleep is restorative for people who are exhausted from their daily life and work. No one wants to bring today’s stress and fatigue to tomorrow’s business meeting. Having massage every day after the end of your routine will help you relax, relieve work stress, reboot your mind and sleep better; you are ready to tackle the next day feeling completely refreshed.

  1. Massage can reduce stress symptoms.

Massage relieves stress. According to the journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (2011)9), having massage regularly reduces cortisol, a main substance causing stress, relieves high blood pressure, improves immune system and prevents obesity. Also, According to the study conducted by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Mayo Clinic (2012)10), a 15-minute of chair massage during a week reduced stress-related symptoms.

Modern people live in busy society. They spent most of the time sitting in front of their desk, overloading their brain for problem solving. This causes more and more people suffering from pain at the back and shoulder; as well as high level of stress. A study from American Psychological Association11) found that massage therapy has received empirical support for facilitating growth, reducing pain, increasing alertness, diminishing depression, and enhancing immune function.

Nothing can be more important than your health. Your social success is worthwhile only when you are healthy. 15-minute of massage every day might make your life more healthy and happy.


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