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If you are looking for a high-quality massage chair, the Pharaoh S II from Bodyfriend is for you. This Pharaoh S II is made with genuine leather. Cool in the Summer, warm in the Winter. Also, gold shine nano-coating technique is used for extra luxury. Its quilting design is inspired by pharaoh of Egypt.


  • Genuine Leather

Enhance your massage experience with genuine leather seating. Feel a whole new sensation of real leather against your skin while enjoying the massage effects.

  • S & L Frame

S & L Track fits the human body curve. As the roller system massages the neck area, it continues through to the lower back and then proceeds to massage the glutes and upper hamstrings.

  • 4D Massage

4D massage is similar to 3D in that the massage intensity can easily be adjusted from very gentle up to very high intensity. This is because the rollers can push out several inches further. 4D has an additional benefit. When the back rollers sense a tight muscle, they will slow down to spend more time there and focus additional pressure to your muscles that need it most. This is similar to how a human masseuse will spend more time on the most tense muscles.

  • Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity refers to a reclined position where your legs are slightly bent. A NASA study determined this to be the best position to evenly distribute your weight, to decompress your spine, to reduce back stress and tension, as well as improving your circulation. This position also allows the massage rollers to give you a deeper massage.

  • Zero Wall

This allows the chair to be placed just a few inches from your wall. Older models that do not have space saving technology generally require about 2 feet of clearance space away from your wall.

  • Heating

Heat therapy warms and loosens your muscles to better prepare your body for the massage.

  • Auto Body Scanning

Body Scan Technology gives you the most accurate and precise massage, automatically customized for your specific body type.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to your personal playlist while receiving a massage custom-tailored just for your needs with Bluetooth Connectivity.

  • Palm Shiatsu

Magnetic reflexology that massages acupoints

  • Leg Adjust

Adjustable leg unit positioning to fit user’s body

  • Calf Roller

Rotating roller designed to reduce swelling of calf area

  • Waist-focused Mode

Deep and wide massage with upgraded massage balls

  • Rest Mode

Exclusively patented technology to heal user’s body

  • Shoulder Airbag Massage
  • 16 Auto Mode
  1. Waist – Massage mode targeting the body’s core to strengthen the waist and improve body posture.
  2. Neck/Shoulder – Acupressure massage & Tapping massage targeting neck and shoulders
  3. Recovery – Massage mode concentrated on kneading the entire back for 30 min.
  4. Stretch – Massage mode using tapping and kneading techniques while fully reclining the body at different angles to gently stretch the legs and body separately.
  5. Stretch – Stretching course that gently massages the spine and pulling the entire calf and foot.
  6. Rest – Thirty minute concentrated kneading for the entire back.
  7. Refresh – Simultaneously uses kneading and tapping techniques on targeted shoulder area.
  8. Auto Upper – Alternates tapping and acupressure massaging techniques throughout the upper body.
  9. Auto Lower – Concentrates on relieving tension for the lower half of the body by massaging the legs and feet.
  10. Office – Tapping and acupressure massage on the waist while reclining the body at different angles.
  11. Hip-Up – Alternates acupressure and kneading on the hips and buttocks.
  12. Athlete – Combination of tapping, kneading, and acupressure massage targeting the shoulders.
  13. Rejuvenate – Tapping and acupressure massage targeting the shoulders and waist to relieve muscle knots and tension.
  14. Lymphatic – Pinpointed massage therapy to stimulate the Lymphatic system of arms and legs to drain toxins from the body.
  15. Low Lymphatic – Alternates kneading and airbag massage techniques for the soles to eliminate feet swelling.
  16. Digestive – Acupressure massage to facilitate digestion and improve circulation throughout the body.


  • 6 Brain Massage Mode
  1. Concentration – Massage mode for those who experience reduced concentration levels due to reasons such as extended periods of studying or overwork.
  2. Meditation – Healing massage mode for those who experience high levels of stress in daily life.
  3. Relaxation – Massage mode for those who often experience muscle strain and mental fatigue.
  4. Feel your Breath – Massage mode for those who have a hard time concentrating on work in daily life and easily get angry.
  5. Good Morning – An energetic massage mode for those who have hard time waking up in the morning; Help activate brain functions after a sleep.
  6. Good Night – Massage mode for those who had a long day and want to take the edge off and get rid of heavy thoughts.
  • 4 Mental Massage Mode
  1. Heal Your Mind – Healing massage mode for those who regret about past actions and for those who feel depressed.
  2. Full of Hope – Healing massage mode for those who feel anxiety and restlessness due to uncertainty.
  3. Self-Esteem – Massage mode that consoles those who often underestimate themselves and helps recovery in self-esteem level.
  4. Thanks – Massage mode that helps to refresh minds from stress and to remind positive sides of your daily routine.



  • Dimensions Reclined – 200(L) x 85(W) x 99(H)
  • Dimensions Upright – 155(L) x 85(W) x 120(H)
  • Product Weight – 152kg

Customer Awareness

If any of the following conditions exist please let us know before purchase:

  • People who has Osteopenia, or has suffering from osteoporosis.
  • People who has heart disease.
  • People who is carrying electronic medical equipment.
  • People who get pregnant.