Time to refresh yourself, BODYFRIEND

BODYFRIEND made ‘the massage chair, beyond massage chair’ with a new sense by breaking the stereotype of the existing massage chair. BODYFRIEND brings healthy changes to daily life to start a day in vibrant and to finish a day comfortably.

Knowing the aesthetics of healing

An exclusive technology of BODYFRIEND evokes your inspiration and provides comfortable rest.

Special Sensibility, BODYFRIEND

Not only just space changes.
Exclusive technology, innovative design, customer-oriented distribution process and service create unparalleled values.

Phantom that is inspired by First Class, Rex-L of urban sensibility that reminds of super car, President for those who know classic…
We produce a completely new. With BODYFRIEND, massage chair has become additional engagingfashionable and smarter.
Healthcare technology that cares about health only, innovative design, distribution process for consumer convenience are the result of challenge and passion of BODYFRIEND.

bodyfriend massage chair

Special Time, BODYFRIEND

We have our own space and time with BODYFRIEND.We rest and refresh ourselves and become healthier.

Emotional Technology with BODYFRIEND

Bodyfriend’s true value is worth while feel and experience it. It is special that only able to experience with BODYFRIEND.


Shiatsu both hands and arms it massages the whole body like orchestra’s performance. Massaging both hands and arms. It doesn’t miss any part of body. Patent No. 10-1179019

Voluminous airbag squeeze hands and arm firmly in the meantime. It extends each hitched muscles of hands and arms. You can mend yourself without a doubt with sensitive touch of back rub balls.


Swing body like cradle for cozy day sleep induce function. Patent No. 10-1179019

It prompts rest easily, feeling like grasped in the arms of mother. It kneads the underside of the foot, unwinding strained body and back rub the back, prompting rest.


Calf heating massage that relaxes from exhausted day. Patent No. 10-1288410

Warmth from the back of the leg spreads all through the body. It encourages blood flow and not just it unwinds the tiredness of the leg yet additionally anticipates varicose veins. Likewise, you can make excellent state of leg line by simply utilizing it consistently.


Head cushion massage. Patent No. 10-1288410

Head cushion with airbag softly massage the scalp which helps to refresh condition.